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Sound check! If you’ve planned (or attended) an event in the past, you know that the sound system can make or break an event. Our team has decades of experience with events – and we know exactly what it takes to create the perfect sound.

Whether you’re looking for a simple PA system for an audience of 50 or a professionally managed sound stage and the perfect mix for your concert of 10,000 attendees – we can do both, plus anything in between. Additionally, we have the only DAS Audio Line Array in Arizona – we generally use it for large events and it can be paired nicely with our mobile stage.

Our team knows the intricacies and details of all of our equipment, and can help you find what equipment and setup is the best fit for you. We set the stage for events that are properly planned, equipped and crewed – so you can get ready for your most successful event ever.

Get The Best Sound

“VLI Events know about the products they have…[they’re] very knowledgeable on how to get the best sound and setup for our events.”

Author: Ken Cummings, Director of Creative Development at iHeartMedia

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Full Stage & Sound Monitoring

Full Stage Sound & Monitoring

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Midas Sound & Video Mix Console

Midas Sound & Video Consoles

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Avante mini line array

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DAS Speaker Line Array

DAS Line Array

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