Event Lighting Rentals

Whether you’re looking to light up the sky or light up a dark space – we’ve got you covered. Lighting rentals available for flattering up-lighting for weddings or parties, or a full-on light show production for a large concert performance. If you want it done right, we can make it happen.

From up lighting at a wedding, to full programmed light shows for concerts has the experience and professional equipment to enhance your event presentation. We can add color, textures, highlighting elements, bistro/string lighting, color washes, DJ/Club lighting, digital monograms, accent lighting, full stage lighting. The sky is really the limit. Maybe touch on creative aspects as every event is slightly different and we tailor to that event.

Atmosphere Lighting

Event Dinner Hall Lighting
Exterior Mood Lighting
Conference Lighting

Concert & Stage Lighting

Concert & performance lighting is what we do best! Contact us today and a VLI lighting specialist will go over all we can do to make your show or theatrical presentation look it’s best.

Markets include: Mitzvahs, celebrations, special events, schools, corporate, galas, fundraisers, weddings, outdoor events.

Lighting can come in simple forms like a few up lights, to an all-out event where we light up a full outdoor space with moon balloons, bistro lights, textures, accent lights, and more.

Concert & Stage Lighting
Dance Floor Lighting
Concert Lighting Rentals